1. […] When Marvel first announced yet another Spider-Man reboot, I didn’t care for it. However, his introduction at the end of the Civil War trailer is quite impressive. Grabbing Captain America’s shield at the behest of Iron Man, then introducing himself to both the Avengers and the audience was a clever addition. His costume is also impressive, even if it is a too-bright red; it feels relatively old school and his eyes look pretty cool – it seems refreshing we’ll see a Spider-Man with some expression in his face (and let’s face it, it worked for Deadpool). […]

  2. […] see X-Men spin off share screen time with Marvel’s favourite anti-hero, the merc with the mouth, Deadpool – and while the rumour mill has been churning with enthusiastic abundance, it has been relatively […]

  3. […] like such a long time ago, that I genuinely thought Deadpool was a 2015 affair. I mean, I wrote a blog a while ago regarding how I felt about Deadpool, so there’s not too much to say other than I […]

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