1. […] so it seems like a rather risky decision for Kimishima’s Nintendo to make. However, with the new Assassin’s Creed trailer receiving a relatively rapturous response from the internet – with the exception of the Kanye […]

  2. 5/18/2016

    Nice breakdown of the trailer! I haven’t seen MacBeth with Michael and Marion yet, but it will be interesting how the director uses them in both movies with such different stories. I’m not a gamer so I can’t speak to that part of the movie, but I hope it’s a success too and not another adaptation that kinda falls to the wayside.

    • Doris

      Thanks, Katy! I haven’t seen Macbeth yet, either – I’m looking forward to giving it a go. I’ll admit, as far as game adaptations go, this trailer seems to be doing it a lot of justice! I’m looking forward to see how it’ll stack up the games.

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