About me

Hello one and all – welcome to The Geek, Simple.

I’m Doris and I’ll be your host throughout the duration of your stay. I am the founder and sole writer, so all opinions and words are mine, unless stated otherwise.

A little about me

I’m a 27 year old lady geek, with a highly enthusiastic and nerdish passion for all things Harley Quinn and Wonder Woman – as well as Basketball (Let’s go Raptors!), pugs and binge watching The US Office on a regular basis. In my real life, I am a content writer and English Literature and film graduate of many years – this hopefully explains my penchant for big words, grammar and writing extensively about movies.

I spend an inordinate amount of time reading comics, reading comic book theories and concepts, as well as immersing myself in comic book culture, superhero culture and general geek culture – which, I guess, falls under the branch of ‘pop culture’.

I also love to cook, watch movies and spend time with my male human counterpart, my family, friends and my favourite animal in existence, Boston the Boxer dog.

The Geek, Simple: an origin story

I decided to start The Geek, Simple. last year, with the intension of creating an abundance of comic book and movie related content that appealed to everyone – not just those who have read comic books since the dawn of time, or studied film at an in depth level. Mainly, I’d started to notice that the geek content in particular – especially the content focused on the burgeoning comic book movie trend – already in circulation was somewhat over-saturated by complicated jargon and content that generally excluded a large portion of the population. Basically, if you didn’t know your Iron Man from your ironing board, you weren’t going to learn anything from these sites – which, given the Marvel and DC comic movie strong hold on cinema as of late, seemed a little unfair: in my opinion, everyone should get given the opportunity to be involved in geek culture.

So, The Geek, Simple. was created so I could offer readers with any level of comic book knowledge, movie knowledge and geek knowledge – whether they be at novice or intermediate levels – a chance to engage with informative and entertaining content that could teach them a little something that they may not have known before. Plus, it’s super fun 🙂

Be a part of The Geek, Simple.

I do receive a lot of positive feedback on the content I write, and would love to work with other writers, animators, jokesters, film buffs and geeks on even more content for the blog. If you have something that you’d like to contribute – or indeed, if you’d like me to write myself – please feel free to drop me an email at any time. I’m more than happy to hear from any and all who want to get their theories and explanations out there. Particularly if you’re into gaming and/or anime, by the way!

Contact The Geek, Simple.

I’m relatively active on both Twitter and Facebook, but if you would like to email me, feel free!